Brooklyn Born, Experts in asset management

Areas of Focus

Hamilton Eastman is a diversified, Brooklyn-born holding company actively engaged in real estate, technology, private investments, and venture capital.

Real Estate

Driven by decades of experience in construction, development, property management, and investing, Hamilton Eastman excels at identifying promising assets and unlocking their true value.

Property Management


Project Management & Development


Bridge Lending


Property Acquisition

An ascendant force across all these industries, Hamilton Eastman was built from the ground up through relentless hard work, keen business acumen, and strategic risk-taking.

About Us

Influential entrepreneurs Joel Wertzberger and Jack Wolcowitz founded Hamilton Eastman in 2013. Throughout their meteoric rise in business, finance, and real estate, the founders held fast to a few simple tenets: Only invest in what you truly understand. Only partner with those you absolutely trust. Embrace mistakes, but never repeat them. Create opportunities where others see impossibilities.